eBook Review: Extreme Perspectives by Alexandre Buisse



I was a little disappointed having felt that I was misled by the title. At present I live in an area surrounded by mountains and hills and thought this eBook may come in handy. I was expecting an eBook dedicated to the use of extreme perspectives or advice on the use of different perspective when it comes to photographing mountains; something that I may be able to adapt and use in my own photography. Perhaps a way to capture the mountains around me in a different perspective, but instead the book focuses mainly on photographing mountaineers and hikers.


It is a very easy book to read with very little use of technical jargon with the author making use of sample photographs to help explain the angles used in many of the photographs of climbers to help bring his point across.


The techniques and advice offered in this eBook is a mix of commonly used techniques and doesn’t offer anything new or cutting edge. If you are looking for an eBook with ground-breaking ideas that will help you take your photographs to the next level, then this eBook may not be for you, however it will be visually appealing to anyone who loves mountaineering with its great photos of dramatic rock faces, snow-capped mountain tips and abseiling.

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