eBook Review: A Field Guide For Capturing Vibrant Colors by Jay & Varina Patel


It is a fairly short book with only 35 pages front to back with the photographs taking centre focus on each page making the eBook visually appealing.  Jay and Varina use effective explanation of the techniques used which will help even those just dipping their toes into photography, to understand the basics of improving colour in their photos.  

The techniques and advice offered for capturing colour, whether it be on film or digital, using an  Slr camera or just a point and shoot, are timeless. They are the techniques  currently used by most professional and experienced photographers alike to capture great colour and vibrancy in their photos.

Professional  and experienced photographers may find this eBook only moderately useful or even somewhat useless, as the ideas and topics discussed are relatively basic but may serve as a  helpful  reminder on how to obtain rich and vibrant colours in-camera, thus reducing time in post-process work.  However it is extremely useful to new photographers or hobbyist photographers wanting to improve their shooting technique to enable them to capture more vibrant and richer colours in their work. The advice given in the eBook  pertains mainly to camera and shooting technique allowing even those new to photography without any post-processing knowledge to gain great benefit from it.

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