eBook Review: Going Candid… An Unorthodox Approach to Street Photography by Thomas Leuthard



Going Candid is a fairly easy book to read with very little use of technical jargon. The author takes special care to explain all the aspects of street photography in great detail so that even those new to the idea of street photography are able to follow. There are a few areas where one may feel that the same content has been covered earlier in the book and that there is a bit of unnecessary repetition which could have been left out though.

Unless you are dabbling with the idea of street photography, you may find this book useless as its sole focus is on street photography and the techniques used therein.   Thomas covers everything from his thought process before going out on a shoot and the equipment he uses to whether or not he obtains permission from his subjects and what how he shares or markets his final product. He has even included a section on submitting photos to photo sharing websites such as Flickr and a brief view of his opinions on the legal aspects of both obtaining permission to photograph subjects as well as publishing their photos online.

The techniques and advice offered in this eBook is a mix of commonly used techniques and doesn't offer anything new or cutting edge. If you are looking for an eBook with ground-breaking ideas that will help you take your street photography to the next level, then this eBook may not be for you. Instead, it may help you to gain the expertise and confidence needed to approach strangers on the street and obtain natural candid and up close portraits. 
If you are either into street photography or would like to give it a go, then this is definitely the book for you, covering everything you could possibly need from A to Z.  The author goes into great detail with help and advice on the entire image process from setting out with your camera to getting the final shots out into the big world. He has even included a section promoting your photos on websites such as Flickr as well as a brief view of the legal aspects of obtaining permission to photograph subjects as well as publishing their photos online.

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