It all started when I received my first camera at the age of 8. A hand-me-down small compact Kodak Disc Camera which ignited my interest in gadgets.

From there I went on to many different types of cameras, from the cheapest of 35mm point and shoots through APS cameras, polaroids, SLRs and then the new era of digital cameras with my first Kodak DC25 at only 0,07MP. From that I went through a few Fuji bridge cameras and onto DSLRs with the latest being Full Frame Nikons. And to this day, it is still my interest in gadgets and buttons that drives my passion for photography. I am always trying to improve on my technique using the latest equipment and cutting edge software to explore what can be done.

Growing up in South Africa I was lucky enough to visit game farms where you are presented with the unique opportunity to experience animals in their natural environment. This has led to wildlife being my favourite type of photography; it is the one thing I could do all day every day. There is just something about photographing animals in the wild compared to zoos. The freedom can be seen in their eyes and behaviour.

I also enjoy photographing pets and children and am always keen on helping anyone master their camera or giving tips and advice to anyone wanting to learn.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the photos on this site and welcome any comments.